Bad experience with a cab driver

We took a cab yesterday afternoon when we were going to the gym. The moment we took off, he asked us if he can turn off the aircon because he was dizzy and cold. While asking, he is actually in on the act of turning the aircon off. We then asked him to just turn it on again in fan mode. He then agreed.

While we were on our way, we noticed that he was chilling. My buddy told him to take a med outright. He refused to and said he was alright. When we reached the gym, the charge was 75php. My buddy gave him 100php and he give back 20php. When we were heading to the elevator, the security guard caught our attention and said that the cab driver asked him to tell us that we paid less than what we paid for. He was asking for 10php. Common sense is the key. He was the one short for 5php change. When we were approaching him, he got another customer and gave us this NEVER MIND hand wave. He is one of the worst cab driver I ever encountered. Very abusive.

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