First Day at the Gym: Treadmill

It’s a good feeling sweating out. I jog once in a while last summer together with my gym buddy to at least get fit despite the strong summer heat. When summer season ended, we hardly had a time to go out and get rounds here inside the camp.

Yesterday, after our orientation in the gym, they let us try the treadmill. We barely finished the 30-minute set and stopped. What we are laughing at was we experience dizziness when we jumped off the treadmill. Why the heck are we feeling that way? I thought I was the only one who felt it but my buddy also did. When we reached the Ladies’ locker, we were freaking laughing at ourselves and were really hoping not to faint around with people who are also working out. We took a rest after a while and went on dancing downstairs.

The next day we went there, we asked them why we felt that way. My trainer said that was because we are just beginners and it was our first time to use that equipment.

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