One of my close friends deleted me in her friend list

Sorry seemed to be the hardest word.

We’ve known each other since 2004. We are batch mates when we get this job. We have this “away-bati” or ‘tampuhan” moments, very common among friends. We had this petty quarrel last May 2011 when we went to Puerto Galera for a summer vacay.

Until now I didn’t know the reason why she hated me. I never felt guilty because I don’t have any reason to. My other friends told me that maybe she got insecure. Insecure to what? We got the chance to see each other in one of our common activities last June 2011. It’s a dance competition so talking was inevitable, but all we talked about was about the dance routine and never about the thing between us. After the competition, we never talked again. We acknowledge each other when we bump into somewhere.

When I logged in on AUG 02, 2011 in one of the famous social networking site, I noticed that an “ADD AS FRIEND” is stated when I went on her profile. What did I feel? I was just surprised. Is there something wrong again? Well, it’s her choice. I don’t know what’s in her mind. As for me, I will go on with my life. Even without her.

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