Antonov Vodka Mixed Drink

Last week, I attended high school get together in Sky Garden in SM North.  When we were eating in Persia Grill, one of our favorite go to restaurants in the Metro, some Promo girls approached us in our table.  They began to offer us to try Antonov vodka.

Five (5) bottles cost 150 pesos as promo. Cool! It is clear and has three great flavors like Mandarin Orange, Apple and Ice.  I picked the Mandarin Orange.  It was light, sweet and citrusy.  I took home the remaining bottle of it because my classmates didn’t want to carry it in their bags.  Since I have my bag, I asked if I can bring it home.  Last night when I was home alone and haven’t had dinner, I checked the ref and saw this.  I thought of making it as my dinner with matching Cheese flavored Pringles I bought in the office.


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