Home remedy Anti-bacterial brush soak

Who among you here are fond of make-ups and stuffs like that? I do. Did you know that make up brushes need to be cleansed at least once a week to prevent bacterial growth in it?

Not washing it is one reason why girls get acne, pimples and other skin blemishes. Make ups clog skin pores if we skip washing the face before hitting the sheets. I’ve read in my favorite magazine that there are two alternatives to traditional make up brush soak or wash. One is by using shampoo. Yes, shampoo that we use in our crowning glory can be used to wash our make up brushes.

The other one is found in our kitchen sinks, an anti-bacterial dish-washing liquid. All you have to do is pour drops of shampoo or dish-washing liquid in a container with water, make some bubbles and soak your brushes for about an hour or up to how long you would like. Rinse with water and just let it dry.

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