Fall In love and get hurt

Almost all of us can relate to this.  Do we fall in love to get hurt?  Why is it?  Do you give your all when you engage into a serious relationship or leave something for yourself so that when it gets complicated it doesn’t hurt much?  Whatever it may be, it would still hurt you especially if you truly love the person.

Perhaps you are thinking why I am writing this instead of the usual topics I wrote about in the past.  It is because I am feeling the same right now.  Yours truly is in love right now and aware that it won’t last long as I expected.  I opted not to write it here because I am not yet ready to let other people know.  Some of you may understand the reason why I keep it when I decided to tell it on my next entry.

Sigh.  Why life is like this.  I am a good person but when the time comes that I plan to stick to this person, it never happens.  I don’t believe in destiny.  I just believe in the saying that “if you love someone, fight for him, no matter what”.

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