Mini Stun Gun Just Size Of Lipstick

If I were to buy a stun gun, I would like it small, something that is really small that I can hold it in my hands without people knowing it.

Why?  I don’t like people to know I’m to crazy to stun anyone on my way.  And it’s not really convenient to always hold something that you would not really use, unless it’s emergency.

There are mini stun guns, like the lipstick stun gun.  It’s not really a lipstick.  But the size and the style, it would look like you’re just holding your lipstick.  Or, people won’t even see it in your hands.  It’s just 3 x 3/4 inches so it’s really small.

There’s also a wrist strap so it won’t fell of your hand.  If ever the bad guy took the stun gun away from you, the wrist strap (just plugged from under the stun gun) would be disconnected and the stun gun won’t be used against you.

2 Responses to “Mini Stun Gun Just Size Of Lipstick”

  1. At first, you are not crazy.

    Self defense is not an act of madness or craziness.

    When you are in the situation of help and need, no one comes initiative and moves forward to help you.

    It is good to keep something for your protection, so that you can vain the attacker and call for a help.

    This is the reason why I liked this post. It is a weapon, which doesn’t look at all like a weapon.

    It can be an asset, at the time of need.

    Great share!!

  2. Hey!

    Its a very nice post.

    These days, self defense is a must, but we cannot take law in our own hands, best thing would be to keep a non lethal weapon for personal protection.

    I sincerely thank you for sharing this post with us and all the items in it. All the items are useful.

    keep doing good work.

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