GSM Flavors (Apple) plus Chamdor Sparkling Grape White Champagne plus Sprite

I applied for two days leave for my birthday. When my boss saw my leave application jokingly said “bakit ikakasal ka na ba?” How I wish. Hilarious. I celebrated my birthday with the most special person in my life right now. Will I miss the spirits? Of course not. He is used to drinking hard liquors whereas I only drink mixed drinks from vodka to gin. We went to Hypermarket to buy some drinks just for the two of us. After thorough checking all the bottles in the liquor section, he suggested to get one 750ml bottle of GSM Flavors (Apple), one 750ml bottle of Chamdor Sparkling Grape White Champagne and one can of Sprite. It can be combined altogether but we do not have a pitcher at that time so we just put every part in a glass. It was good. The Sprite gave its sweetness.  GSM Apple is a good combination with the White Champagne. It gave a booze actually. Try it.

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