Fullo Wafers For Sale

Anyone wants to try Fullo?


We’re selling it for flat 190 pesos/box flat rate both retail and wholesale.  Each box contains a tin can with 37 pieces assorted wafers.  The wafers are of the following:

  • Fullo Wafer Stick – Chocolate
  • Fullo Wafer Stick – Vanilla Milk
  • Fullo Wafer Stick – Chocolate & Vanilla
  • Fullo Wafer Stick – Chocolate & Strawberry
  • Fullo Wafer – Chocolate
  • Fullo Waffle – Crunchmilk


If you are interested, do contact me on the following:

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  1. I am interested to get distribution of this stuff in rawalpindi ,can’t Pakistan please contact 03325355146

  2. @gullam abbass sorry we’re not selling this anymore

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