Rak of Aegis Musical Play

I am not a fan of musical play.  But I am not the picky type would say no to such.  In fact, I can watch anything that has a story and substance in it.  I was invited by PLDT to watch Rak of Aegis on its first day of the show.  And I am very happy I did went to watch it.

Rak of Aegis is a play about the like of poor Filipino people, particularly on their dream and how they face all the hardship thrown to them by nature and by people themselves.  All music played and sang on the musical is of Aegis, a very popular Philipppine rock group.

If you love musicals, or love Aegis, or love music, or simple want to enjoy yourself or love having a good time with your family, book your tickets and watch Rak of Aegis.  This is a great musical.  You would not just enjoy it.  You would also realize the reality of what is happening in our country.

On the first day of the musical, the Ledesma Family is also there to enjoy the play.  I got the opportunity to take pictures of the Ledesmas.  Ate is so cool.  Take note, she is good in speaking in both English and Tagalog.  She is not the “no tagalog” type of person.  Diego is well, cute as always, playful and… cute!!!  I really have to mention it twice :)  Their parents are friendly and are ready talk to anyone.  They are a true, open-minded family who accepts reality.  And by that, they made a Facebook page for their son Diego.  It’s https://www.facebook.com/AskDiego where you can ask any question to the kid.  You know that kids speak from their heart.  And with his Ate, Dad and Mom’s tips, he answers every question that comes out from his true self.  So if you got a question or problem, you can ask Diego.  If you yourself are not sure of your own decisions, if the adults gave you advise that you can not accept, ask a kid.  A true, non-adulterated, straight from the heart, innocent answer from the kid is usually the first step on doing the right thing.  After all, they are all positive thoughts.   I love Diego.  If you saw him (I am so fortunate I saw him on the first day of Rak of Aegis musical), you would like to hug him and say hello. This kid is now a star celebrity!  He was even a guest at The Ryzza Mae Show.  Diego and Ryzza had selfie pictures in between breaks of the show.  You would see a picture of them and on where Diego had been spotted on the PhilStar online article at http://www.philstar.com/entertainment/2014/06/06/1331478/diego-pldt-home-dsls-latest-star-celebrity

If you love the Ledesma Family, you might like to know what they are doing together.  Ate loves watching Youtube videos.  Diego playing games and is on the Ask Diego Facebook page.  Daddy Ledesma check the current events and other stuff on the internet.  Mommy Ledesma search for recipes that she can try.  This computer savvy family is connected to the internet via PLDT Home DSL.  And before I forgot, they do watch movies via PLDT Clickplay.

I think PLDT have a new service.  For all those who have TV at home, you can convert your TV to an internet TV.  And for PLDT Home DSL 1299 subscribers, just add 199 Pesos to your monthly bill and you got to enjoy the PLDT TVolution watching movies straight from your TV.

If you like to enjoy a family-sized connection with limitless sharing, connect to the internet like the Ledesma Family via http://pldthome.com/ .

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