Philippine Workshop: Ogalala System in Play Child Development Workshop

I would like to share to all fellow mommies and daddies this wonderful series of workshops made possible by Manila Workshops and IGMI.  IGMI is the company behind Crayola, Melissa & Doug, Baby Einstein, etc.

Ogalala System in Play is a Child Development Workshop that would make our kids learn through play.  Let us free up our schedule on one or more of the workshop schedules and tag along our little ones and big kids.  The workshop is especially for 0 months to 6 years old.  Check the following schedule below.

I would be attending one of the workshops with my 6 year old preschooler.  If you wish to attend, do make your reservation early via email.  There’s only a limited slots.  Check the above information on how to send your reservation, or you can also send your reservation and learn more about the event by visiting Manila Workshops.

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