Halloween 2014 Trick or Treating at Ayala Heights Quezon City

This is the first time my kids would be trick or treating inside a village.  My conclusion…

  • Great Halloween decorations on the houses that didn’t miss to give treats for the kids.
  • If you got small kids, you might need a car or any kind of vehicle.  Not all houses are open for trick or treat.  It might be tiring for the kids to walk in between houses.
  • There are lots of outsiders who were not even in costumes.  I am sorry to say, my apologies, but the poor (holding their plastic bag) asked for treats without even trying to wear a costume!  They are so many wherein they push even those smaller than them.   An ordinary shirt with catsup will do right?  But they did not throw in even a little effort.  There’s just a part of the village that has those kinds of people.  There’s this even a house where in they won’t give you treats if you are not in costume.  You should also first say trick or treat (depending on your age) before they give the treats.  But there are also those poor people who dressed up for the halloween.

Would we be going trick or treating next year on 2015?  I do not know!  I was so tired!  I was carrying my 2-year-old kid the whole time!  But for the sake of the kids’ happiness, we might.


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