Shoe Boxes as Cabinet Organizer Boxes

We know that shoe boxes comes very handy when we need to keep our little things in order inside our cabinet. We actually use shoe boxes and even label the outside of the box. But what if you do not have a shoe box. And, you actually need shoe boxes to keep your shoes.

How I organize my things and shoes?

cabinet organizer box

transparent shoe box

First, I got a lot of these boxes.  It is transparent.  It is cute!  And I am able to keep my accessories, belts, shoes and other little things inside the cabinet with no mess at all.  So my accessories and belts in this box.  My bags in this bag.  And so on, and so on, and so on.  I am thinking of organizing more items at home using these transparent shoe boxes.

If you want to buy, I am selling these boxes.  You can send me a text message at +63917-838-1337 .  You can also send an email at


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