A review of the Stride Rite Star Wars shoes compare to another brand

I am a Stride Rite fan!  My son and daughter’s rubber shoes and school shoes are from Stride Rite.  Yes they are pricey.  But the shoes have served its purpose.  Just like this one.  On the design of the shoes itself, the price is worth it.  I mean, before we bought a pair of World Balance white pair of shoes for Ivan.  It is one of the cheapest among the World Balance shoes on the rack.  Ivan use it only for once a week for PE during his grade 1 days.  Less than a year and the shoes are kind of not in good shape anymore.  I know my son loves running and everything.  But compare to these Star Wars inspired shoes from Stride Rite wherein he’s been wearing it 2 times a week, it’s been more than 1 year and the shoes are still intact.  Those light saber still lights up.

And by the way, this shoes cost lesser than that of World Balance.

star wars shoes

It’s a real plus that he’s rubber shoes are Star Wars.  Because he loves Star Wars.  When he stomp, or make a little hard step, the light saber on each side of the shoes will light up.  One shoe lights up in red.  One shoe lights up in blue. He was able to wear this pair when we watch Star Wars The Force Awakens. Cool!

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