Eskinol Classic Whitening Facial Cleanser w/ Grains

For cleaning and whitening, check out Eskinol Classic.

I attended a seminar on perfume-making

At first, I thought that we were going to do some cooking, you know, of the raw materials.  A friend, whose mom attended a seminar on the same had said that a machine is used to make a perfume. But the speaker said that all we have to do is to mix altogether all the […]

Another great beauty product right into your kitchen

Are you a beauty buff? Me, I am.  Though I don’t have that super fair and porcelain skin, I make it a point that my skin is in its best always.  I have tried using different kinds of products that depends on what my skin concern is. Anyway, there is a kitchen product that can […]

Home remedy Anti-bacterial brush soak

Who among you here are fond of make-ups and stuffs like that? I do. Did you know that make up brushes need to be cleansed at least once a week to prevent bacterial growth in it? Not washing it is one reason why girls get acne, pimples and other skin blemishes. Make ups clog skin […]