Coca-Cola Cherry

I want the Coca-Cola Cherry!

McDonald’s Support To The World Cup

Enjoy your McDonald’s french fries with the World Cup french fry box design!

McDonalds Shake Shake Fries Has A New Flavor!

McDonalds new Shake Shake Fries flavor: Kickin’ Ketchup. Add your Coca-Cola drink to complete the meal! Check it out!

Fullo Wafers For Sale

We are selling Fullo Wafers for a low price. Each Fullo Wafer box contains the following: Fullo Wafer Stick – Chocolate, Fullo Wafer Stick – Vanilla Milk, Fullo Wafer Stick – Chocolate & Vanilla
Fullo Wafer Stick – Chocolate & Strawberry, Fullo Wafer – Chocolate, Fullo Waffle – Crunchmilk. +63917-8381337,

The Dr Pepper Softdrink

You would fall in love with the Dr Pepper softdrink.