Wigs that looks so REAL!

Looking for a wig? Look here! Wigs that makes other people think that’s your real hair…

Century Park Hotel Easterland (Easter Egg Hunting 2015)

This year, let’s join Century Park Hotel Easterland for another Easter Egg Hunting adventure!

Apacer AH124 Flash Drive

What I love about Apacer AH124 Flash Drive.

Bad experience with a cab driver

We took a cab yesterday afternoon when we were going to the gym. The moment we took off, he asked us if he can turn off the aircon because he was dizzy and cold. While asking, he is actually in on the act of turning the aircon off. We then asked him to just turn […]

Love Thyself

This site is about me and what I love… mostly about myself and the products I like.  Perfume, vitamin, slimming, exercise, beauty… I’m your typical girl with some extras on loving thyself.  Pampering myself is one of the ways I love myself. There would be other things to be covered too, like finance and other […]