Bench pink tops partnered with short pants

Pink Bench blouse, Penshoppe shorts, Forever 21 boots. And a Forever 21 shorts.

Bayo Striped Spaghetti Strap Blouse

Bayo Striped Spaghetti Strap Blouse, wearing the back side as the front, simply because it looks better that way.

Colorful Blouse and Black Slacks

  I just love the back of my blouse. I think it’s sexy  It’s the back side that made me buy the blouse!!! Yes, I love wearing sexy clothes.  Although I really can’t wear really sexy ones because of my body shape.  And I am not that fit to wear one.

Jewels – Stripe Dress

Now this one is a really sexy dress for me.  I love this dress by Jewels.  This dress may not be that sturdy but I love the stripes and the ruffle linings below.  The cloth isn’t that of good quality but the design and the fitting made me buy the dress. The dress fits me […]

Leopard Fashion

Leopard print blouse. Leopard print umbrella. There are just some girls who love leopard print or animal print fashion.